Joanna Gao

General Manager/ Co-Founder

Our immensely popular and hard-working General Manager painstakingly oversees the enormous number of behind-the-scenes responsibilities that keep Pacific at the forefront of English language education.  Around the clock, Joanna coordinates between the different teams, and our wonderful agents, to make sure that Pacific English Study runs smoothly all day, every day.

Coupled with her enormous workload, is Joanna’s kind and caring nature which ensures everyone is catered for, and as a result, the school operates perfectly.  Watching Joanna’s ability to multi-task is amazing to watch and makes her a vital part of the Pacific team.

Vickie Pollock

Director of Studies

Our Director of Studies ensures that our students get to experience the highest level of teaching by the best teachers, using the most current teaching materials available.

With a love of getting up in front of a class to teach, or an insatiable need to think "outside the box" to make learning an informative and enjoyable experience for everyone, Vickie’s enthusiasm, and determination to make a difference are what drives her to make Pacific English Study stand out from the rest.

Carlota Merce

Marketing Coordinator

Few people can radiate the same perfect shining smile and caring nature of our Marketing Coordinator, Carlota.  Originating from Valencia in Spain, Carlota has travelled everywhere around the world.  Besides backpacking around Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, she has ventured into the less travelled areas of Vietnam and Sri Lanka, as well as traversed almost every country in Europe, plus Russia and the USA.  What we love about Carlota is her ‘real world’ experience.  She has moved continents to live in Belgium, London, and now in Australia!

Carlota has successfully worked in marketing and events all over the world for a diverse range of industries, including cultural, entertainment and retail.  Coupling her professional experience with her personal knowledge of what it feels like to learn a new language, culture and environment is why Carlota is LA NUMERO UNO (number one) when it comes to engaging with our students, our agents, and education partners.

Jade Gahleitner

Student Liaison Officer

Her name aptly depicts our delightfully warm, and caring Student Liaison Officer, Jade.  Moving to the other side of the world is always an exciting and often stressful experience, but when our students step off the plane and into our school, Jade is there to cushion their landing.  Jade warmly welcomes our new students, and then personally shows them around their new home away from home during Orientation Day.

Jade is perfectly equipped to give individualised help with finding employment, preparing resumes, as well as ensuring our students have the appropriate support with financial matters, and most importantly, their mental health.

Aya Matsumoto

Office Manager / Student Services

Aya’s wealth of knowledge of all things to do with student visa requirements, COE applications, and course costs is endless. She is constantly in close contact with students, and agents, to make sure that every student lives their Australian dream. What’s more, her personal connection to Japan puts her in a perfect position to be our advocate for all our Japanese students.

No one can ignore Aya’s vibrant and cheerful laugh and her willingness to go above and beyond in all aspects. We are so fortunate to have her as an integral part of our enrolment team.

Dayana Acosta

Student Support Officer

Dayana is our incredibly talented Student Support Officer, and Pacific’s course specialist who effortlessly monitors all education resources and ensures response to education associate queries. Her role extends to managing a large portion of Pacific English Study’s marketing, which she delivers with a real passion and enthusiasm, especially in the Spanish field.

Dayana proves daily that nothing is too much trouble for her with her kind and determined work ethic. Her endless abilities and sedulous personality make her a vital asset to our school.

Jess Lewis

Administration Officer

The room lights up when Jess enters because everyone is drawn to her enthusiastic, bubbly, and playful personality.  Her skills in aged care administration are perfectly complemented with her openness and warmth, especially when she helps our international students navigate through the new experiences they face during their time in Australia.  Besides her natural organisational skills, Jess eagerly contributes to our many monthly events, such as judging our famous Pacific English Study inhouse competitions or guiding our students to the top of the second tallest building in the southern hemisphere.  Jess is a born and bred Queenslander and has lived on the Gold Coast all her life.  Whenever she can, Jess loves to coach students on how to perfect an authentic Aussie accent, as well as how to use local vocabulary.

Jess has also enjoyed travelling to South America and Europe where she lived for three months in Mexico and a further six months in Italy.  Her overseas journeys gave her personal knowledge of the common challenges of learning the local language and cultural differences, navigating visa processes, and getting used to different foods.

Channi Yang

Administration Officer

Our lovely Channi hails originally from China, but then her travels took her to Canada where she lived for 20 years, after which she migrated to Australia over 7 years ago.  Channi’s own experiences in settling in a new country are extremely important in an international learning environment and makes her an essential part of our front reception and administration team.

Her calming personality and extraordinary sereneness enables Channi to deal with the never-ending challenges and hurdles that present themselves throughout the day.  While few people have this inner tranquillity under pressure, Channi uses her personal understanding and attributes to assist students, who may feel overwhelmed when they arrive in a new country, to not only find their sense of balance, but to successfully get back on their feet, and then go on to thrive.

In her previous working life, Channi came from a very strong financial background which positions her well in a busy working environment that necessitates an eye for detail.  Besides being a very busy working mum, in her spare time, Channi relaxes by taking time out to exercise her culinary skills and love for cooking authentic Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Greek cuisines.